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The association is built upon a set of fundamental movements, ranging from impact and edged weaponry, as well as empty hand. The comprehensive drills and techniques that unite every student provides an answer in the most dire situations.


Principles of training are valued more than technique, which gives our instructors and students the freedom to continue to evolve. With this freedom, the association believes in empowering each era of FMA leaders while nurturing them with a success proven foundation.

Filipino Martial Arts Online

Structure is an essential pilar of growth. Without direction, anyone can easily fall off the path and fail to return. Anastacio Kali is born out of references & guidelines to help develop martial artists both physically and mentally. Structure is provided from ranking, responsibilities, etiquette and all the way to technique. 


While doing this, shining light on each individual for their personal strengths and personality. This principle is what is known to the association as "building up to break down, to build how one desires". This structure reminds martial artists to respect and value each and every brick laid before building to their heart's content. Once the foundation is understood, growth can begin to build on solid ground. 


Filipino Martial Arts is an inclusive form of martial arts. However, often lacking structure and unified teaching standards. Many of the great details can easily be lost in translation. Anastacio Kali's online academy attacks these angles with detailed instruction. Translating details for both students with or without partners. The AKA curriculum is not built on favourite techniques or an instructor's mood. It is founded upon the principles of developing a strong sense of fundamentals and ability to self correct, improve and evolve. We often hear "FMA has everything, so when you train in it - you don't need anything else". We know the limitless reach martial arts has, but through this you can easily miss important details in bridging the gap between FMA and other areas a student can be exposed to. When FMA fails, it is not the art but the system of instruction.



Anastacio Kali created not just a program, but a system of teaching. Demonstrating the art, but also showing students how to see past the counts, drills and more. Learning how to deconstruct a fluid art to teach it in as many steps as necessary, to isolate and understand each movement passed the aesthetic. A way to of critical thinking to adapt and adjust to suit all forms of application. Many systems have either a strict progression where you can't skip steps, others have no real standard. After years of  Anastacio Kali developed a curriculum that students can jump in at any time, with or without experience and be able to prosper as a martial artist.



Look at our set training programs in the store page or find an access tier that fits to train with us at home!

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