The association is built upon a set of fundamental movements, ranging from impact and edged weaponry, as well as empty hand. The comprehensive drills and techniques that unite every student provides an answer in the most dire situations.


Principles of training are valued more than technique, which gives our instructors and students the freedom to continue to evolve. With this freedom, the association believes in empowering each era of FMA leaders while nurturing them with a success proven foundation.


Structure is an essential pilar of growth. Without direction, anyone can easily fall off the path and fail to return. Anastacio Kali is born out of references & guidelines to help develop martial artists both physically and mentally. Structure is provided from ranking, responsibilities, etiquette and all the way to technique. 


While doing this, shining light on each individual for their personal strengths and personality. This principle is what is known to the association as "building up to break down, to build how one desires". This structure reminds martial artists to respect and value each and every brick laid before building to their heart's content. Once the foundation is understood, growth can begin to build on solid ground. 


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