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Anastacio Kali Association was founded by long time Filipino Martial Arts instructor, Mark Anastacio. Through his extensive training, experimentation and exploration, he has developed a method of teaching that is able to reach students of all levels. 


The founding principles the Anastacio Kali Association teach revolve around the ability to maintain growth and humility. To be humble, yet daring to strive for greatness and most importantly, to honour and respect everyone from Grandmasters to students. These principles allow the association to take the next step in sharing the knowledge and capacity to use Filipino Martial Arts to better one's self. 

Structure is the leading staple of the association. In which we dedicate our time to not only foster skill into individuals, but the ability to continue to teach these life long skills. Structure is the backbone of a strong empire and balancing between unity and uniqueness is our harmony.

Anastacio Kali Association is devoted in developing a strong martial arts family. A group of individuals to uphold Filipino Martial Arts to the highest standard through fundamentals, curriculum, self defence and proficiency 


Filipino Martal Arts Kali
Filipino Martal Arts Kali

Mark comes from the Kalis-Disalon family, better known today as the World Bais Tres Manos Federation. Mark was awarded his Maestro rank by Grandmaestro Jon Bais in November 2018 and was recognized as a leading instructor worldwide. The humble beginnings of his life devotion to martial arts was paved by the Bais Tres Manos system via Grandmaestro Rollie Descargar. Mark continued to expand his knowledge drawing from every source he deemed necessary, in and out of Filipino Martial Arts. Through his efforts in experimenting and evolving the curriculum, Anastacio Kali Association was born. Mark believes in building structure before breaking structure. A balance between the two are essential to the growth of a martial artist and a person. To understand and value fractions to wholesome flows.

Through his development of curriculum and closely monitoring his own students, Mark has found a successful formula for martial artists to balance evolution and stability. Mark continues to break boundaries and spread the Filipino Martial Arts all over the world. Utilizing all the tools necessary to provide the foundation of growth through FMA.

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